Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Freddie's Birthday T-shirt

Freddie's 1st Birthday is coming up in a coupe of weeks (where has the time gone ?? )
So I spent some time this morning making him a t-shirt to wear for his jungle themed party! I loved the rainforest t-shirt I made for The Nappy Garden so much that I used the same fabric in the shape of a number one.


I have contemplated trying to applique his name on the back of the t-shirt (football shirt style) but not 100% on that idea yet.

I don't have enough fabric to make matching shorts for this outfit, so need to find something to complete it. Possible denim shorts or jeans (depending on weather). Or I might buy some more of the fabric for shorts.

Baby Photoshoot!

I wanted to get some shots of the strawberry dress in action so Lucie kindly allowed me to photograph her daughter Lola.


What a fab model she was, she actually sat still and did a few smiles straight to camera. It was actually more difficult to get shots of the back of the dress as she didn't want to face away.

It was much more of a struggle to get a photo of Lola and Freddie together as he just ran away as soon as we sat him down! After some quick shots and bribes with a toy with wheels I managed to take a few.


And then it was time to 'paint' a banner for their joint birthday party with fingers and feet! Oh the fun!!! Not trying that again with Freddie till he can hold a paintbrush!


T-shirts for The Nappy Garden

Over the weekend I had some fun making some t-shirts for Lisa at The Nappy Garden. They coordinate perfectly with some wool that will be on her site soon and be turned into cute little outfits.

3 T-shirts

I had some trouble letting go of the rainforest one. But knew it will look fab on someone elses little one with the matching longies or shorties to go with it!

Rainforest T-shirt by you.

The strawberry one turned out so much better than I could had imagined, need to do some of those shaped appliques!!!

Strawberry T-shirt by you.

I also made a safari lion t-shirt for Lisa own son too, hope he likes it :)

DSC09062 by you.

The Start of a New Adventure

I've been loving making clothes for my baby son, and have got positive comments. So I decided I should try and see if I could sell some of the stuff I have been making.
All the boy items I make, I can't resist keeping for Freddie. So I made a dress to be my first instock item on misi. Everything else so far can be custom made to order.


Freddie's Zebra t-shirt and shorts outfit (that I'm keeping,lol)