Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Freddie's Birthday T-shirt

Freddie's 1st Birthday is coming up in a coupe of weeks (where has the time gone ?? )
So I spent some time this morning making him a t-shirt to wear for his jungle themed party! I loved the rainforest t-shirt I made for The Nappy Garden so much that I used the same fabric in the shape of a number one.


I have contemplated trying to applique his name on the back of the t-shirt (football shirt style) but not 100% on that idea yet.

I don't have enough fabric to make matching shorts for this outfit, so need to find something to complete it. Possible denim shorts or jeans (depending on weather). Or I might buy some more of the fabric for shorts.


  1. OMG Marie I really love that 1 tshirt!!! I have to have one for JJ's 2nd birthday, to match some shorties!!! Next May... but I can always put it away!!! :-)

  2. Just let me know when your ready, and I'll happily make you one.