Sunday, 6 December 2009

Owls On the Line Fleece hoody

This hoody was part of a custom collab set on BBM with Lisa from The Nappy Garden.
The customer choose everything about it, the fleece colour, applique fabric and the size.

It's taken me far longer to finish than I would have liked as firstly I think I poisoned myself with raw chicken! Resulting in me not starting on it for a couple of days and then just when it was all done I managed to burn the pocket slightly with the iron-GRRRRR! So have spent today remaking a new pocket and sewing it on.

But it's finally done and ready to send to Lisa tomorrow so she can match the colours from it to dye the yarn to match.


and a close up of the detail


note: the blue fleece in the bottom photo is not true to life, but the colours in the fabric are spot on.

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